1530 Plasma Cutting Machine will be Sent to PERU

1530 Plasma Cutting Machine will be Sent to PERU

A customer from Peru, who acts as an intermediary agent selling CNC machines, recently expressed interest in our CNC Plasma Cutting Machines. He learned about the high quality of our machines through a recommendation from a Chinese friend. This friend praised the reliability and performance of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Factory’s products. Intrigued by this endorsement, the Peruvian agent found our website and reached out to us. Click here
He explained that he has seen an increase in novice users buying from him lately. Therefore, he was looking for a few easy-to-operate, cost-effective, and entry-level CNC machines capable of cutting thin metals. In response to his requirements, we recommended our plasma cutting machines. These machines are designed to quickly and efficiently cut thin metals up to 80mm thick, including steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel, and other conductive and non-ferrous metals. Besides using oxygen, our plasma cutters can also work with various other gases to cut different metal materials. 
One of the main advantages of plasma cutting machines is their affordability, making them accessible even to newcomers in the field. Typically, a plasma CNC cutter can be purchased for just a few thousand dollars. After learning about the features and benefits of our machines, the customer was very pleased. He decided to have his Chinese friend visit our factory to inspect the machines in person before finalizing his purchase decision. 
At the scheduled time, his friend visited our factory, took pictures, and recorded videos of the machines. The feedback was positive, and the Peruvian customer was satisfied, ultimately deciding to purchase two plasma cutting machines. The 1530 plasma CNC cutting machine will soon be shipped to Yemen.

 Why Choose a Plasma Cutter?

A plasma CNC cutting machine uses plasma cutting technology to process metal materials. It offers several key advantages. Firstly, the cutting speed is exceptionally fast. When cutting thin metals with thicknesses between 20mm and 80mm, plasma cutting can be 5-6 times faster than oxygen cutting methods. Secondly, plasma CNC cutters produce smooth cutting surfaces with minimal thermal deformation and virtually no heat-affected zones. These machines are widely used across various industries, including automotive, railway, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, engineering machinery, and steel structures. However, it’s worth noting that the cutting edge may be relatively rough. For those who do not require precision edges, plasma cutting machines are an excellent choice for efficient metal cutting.

How Much Does a Plasma Cutting Machine Cost?

Plasma cutting machines vary in cost based on their control methods and table sizes. They are categorized into handheld plasma cutters, CNC plasma cutting machines, and automatic plasma cutters. Additionally, there are desktop plasma cutters, portable plasma cutters, and large flat plasma cutting machines. Generally, handheld and desktop plasma cutters are more affordable, whereas CNC plasma cutters tend to be more expensive. The price range for a classic 1325 plasma cutting machine is approximately $4,000-$8,000. The price can vary depending on factors such as the control system, motor, drive, table material, and bed structure. Overall, the price range for plasma cutting machines is between $4,000 and $25,000.
1530 Plasma Cutting Machine will be Sent to PERU. By considering the specific needs and budget, customers can find a plasma cutting machine that fits their requirements and enhances their metal cutting operations.
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