lgk 200 plasma cutter
200 amp plasma cutter
powercut 200 plasma cutter
lgk 200 plasma cutter

The 300 Amp Plasma Cutter represents a significant advancement in metal cutting technology, offering unparalleled power and precision. With its high amperage rating, this cutting-edge machine is redefining the standards of efficiency and versatility in industrial metal fabrication. Click here

Tips: Plasma Cutting Machine (Optional)
1. Plasma source:
LGK: 63A, 100A, 120A, 160A, 200A,300A
Hypertherm: 45A, 65A, 85A, 105A, 200A, 300A
2. Plasma cutter materials: Iron, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, hardware and another metal sheet materials.
3. Other machine optional parts can be chosen, such as, rotary axis, CNC Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine with Rail etc.
4. China Top plasma cutting machine manufactuers, Laser AE, best price and high quality, with CE etc certificates.
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300 Amp Plasma Cutter Technical Paramters

Technical parameters


Heavy duty Plasma cutting machine


1530 heavy

cutting range


cutting speed


Cutting mode

Flame only,Plasma only,Plasma and flame

Plasma source


Driving motors

Stepper motors/Servo motors

Transmission system

X,Y axis by Rack pinion, Z axis by ball screw

Cutting thickness

0.5-60mm depending on plasma power

Moving precision

0.01mm per step

Power consumption


Controlling system

Starfire control system

nesting software


Torch Height Control(THC) mode

Automatic High sensitive THC

Gas Assistant

compressed air,N2,O2

Plasma current


Files transfering mode

USB interface


Iron plate,aluminum,galvanized iron,steel

Power supply

220v/380v, 50hz/60hz





300 Amp Plasma Cutter of Features: 


1) The beam uses light structural design,with good rigidity structure, light deadweight .

2) The gantry structure, Y axis used dual-motor dual-driven system,X,Y,Z axis all use dual-straight rail that make the machine driving smoothly with high-precision.

3) Aiming at cutting three dimension LED character, trough metal panels and floor cutting, the accuracy can reach good indicators.If it equipped with United States HYPERTHERM plasma source the machine can reach threshold.

4) Equipped with other advertise equipment (blister/engraving machine) .Improve the efficiency of several times

5) Cutting mouth is small, tidy,and avoid a second dressing processing.

100 Amp Plasma Cutter
100 amp plasma cutter machine

Cutting Thickness By Plasma

plasma generator


Suggested cutting range(cut with good quality)mm

Maximum cutting thickness(mm)

Air pressure(mpa)

63A /65A




















300 Amp Plasma Cutter Advantage

1.Cars, motorcycles, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, engineering machinery, steel structure, shipbuilding and other industries.silver, Titanium and other metal plate and tube.

2. Advertising signs, logo making, decorative products, production of advertising and a variety of metal materials. It can apply to iron sheet, the aluminium sheet, the galvanized sheet, hundred steel plates , metal plates.

Controller with THC
Plasma torch head
hypertherm 105 plasma cutter Source

Controller With THC

Experience precision cutting with our 4×8 plasma table controller featuring THC (Torch Height Control). Achieve consistent cuts, even on uneven surfaces, as the THC adjusts the torch height automatically. Maximize efficiency and quality in your projects with this advanced controller.

Plasma Torch Head

The plasma cutting machine’s cutting torch is a vital component, utilizing arc discharge to create plasma that melts metal swiftly. It comprises elements like nozzles, electrodes, and cooling systems, working with the control system for precise metal cutting.

Hypertherm 105 Plasma Cutter Source

The Hypertherm Powermax 105 Plasma Cutter stands out as a reliable source for precise metal cutting. Renowned for its efficiency and versatility, it’s a top choice in metal fabrication for its advanced technology and durability.

300 Amp Plasma Cutter Application

Metal Fabrication:

The 100 Amp plasma cutter is extensively used in metal fabrication shops for cutting various metal materials such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. It is employed to create precise cuts for structural components, panels, frames, and intricate designs.

Automotive Repair and Restoration:

In automotive repair and restoration workshops, the 100 Amp plasma cutter is utilized to cut metal sheets and panels for repairing bodywork, fabricating custom parts, and restoring vintage vehicles. Its ability to make clean and precise cuts is invaluable in this industry.

Industrial Manufacturing:

Within industrial manufacturing facilities, the 100 Amp plasma cutter plays a crucial role in cutting metal components for machinery, equipment, and structural assemblies. It enables manufacturers to achieve high productivity and accuracy in their production processes.


Construction companies utilize 100 Amp plasma cutters for cutting metal materials used in building structures, such as beams, pipes, and brackets. It facilitates the efficient fabrication of components required for construction projects.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning):

In the HVAC industry, the 100 Amp plasma cutter is employed to cut metal ductwork, vents, and fittings with precision and speed. It helps HVAC contractors to fabricate customized components tailored to specific building requirements.

Metal Art and Sculpture:

Artists and sculptors utilize the 100 Amp plasma cutter to create intricate metal art pieces and sculptures. Its ability to cut through various metal thicknesses allows for the realization of intricate designs and detailed artwork.

Demolition and Salvage:

During demolition and salvage operations, the 100 Amp plasma cutter is used to cut through metal structures, such as beams, pipes, and tanks, facilitating the dismantling and salvage of materials for recycling or repurposing.

Shipbuilding and Marine Fabrication:

In the shipbuilding and marine fabrication industry, the 100 Amp plasma cutter is essential for cutting metal plates and components used in ship construction, offshore platforms, and marine equipment.

100 amp plasma cutter machine torch

300 Amp Plasma Cutter

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300 Amp Plasma Cutter FAQ

Precision plasma technology enables the piercing and cutting of stainless steel materials up to approximately 40mm in thickness. High-amperage plasma systems extend this capability, allowing for piercing and cutting of stainless steel up to around 100mm thick. Furthermore, with an edge start, plasma can achieve cuts of up to approximately 160mm thickness.

Cutting capacity refers to a chainsaw’s effectiveness in swiftly cutting through wood, directly impacting an operator’s productivity. Enhanced cutting capacity translates to increased work efficiency.

Plasma cutting has the capability to slice through any material that conducts electricity, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Conversely, oxy cutting is effective solely on ferrous metals, utilizing chemical reactions such as oxidation, akin to accelerated rusting.

Heavy-duty plasma cutters can process metal plates ranging in size from 1 millimeter to 1 inch. Anything larger would require a more powerful plasma cutting machine.

While plasma technology can create high-quality holes, it’s crucial to ensure proper sizing. A standard guideline is to maintain a one-to-one ratio between the thickness and diameter of the hole. For instance, using 1/4″ thick plate for 1/4″ holes and 1/2″ plate for 1/2″ holes is recommended.

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