Table Plasma Cutter Series 

CNC Plasma Cutter machines for sheet metal utilize a timeless structural design and renowned brand components, ensuring ease of operation, minimal noise, and robust stability. Key components like guide rails and racks benefit from automatic lubrication, enhancing their longevity. The adoption of a cast aluminum beam not only enhances performance but also reduces overall weight for improved efficiency.

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Portable Plasma Cutter Series 

Portable plasma cutting machines offer convenient mobility, enabling easy transportation to different work sites. Versatile in application, they efficiently cut through various materials including metals and plastics. With high cutting speeds and minimal setup, they streamline operations. User-friendly interfaces ensure ease of use, catering to both experienced and novice users. Precision cutting capabilities ensure accurate results, minimizing material wastage. Cost-effective and efficient, portable plasma cutters provide a practical solution for on-the-go cutting needs, reducing production time and costs while offering convenience and flexibility.

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Gantry Plasma Cutter Series 

The gantry plasma cutting machine offers several advantages including efficiency, precision, and flexibility. It can rapidly cut various metal materials such as steel and aluminum, saving time and costs. With high precision, it can handle complex shapes, enhancing productivity. Moreover, the gantry plasma cutting machine is user-friendly and suitable for various scales of production environments, demonstrating high adaptability and versatility. It is an indispensable equipment in modern industrial production.

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Plasma Cutter Application

The application scope of plasma cutting machines, including the Tooliom plasma cutter, is extensive and diverse, spanning various industries and tasks. Some of the key areas of application include:

Metal Fabrication:

Plasma cutting machines, such as the mini plasma cutter, are widely used in metal fabrication industries for cutting, shaping, and perforating various types of metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, and alloys.

Automotive Industry:

In automotive manufacturing, plasma cutters are utilized for cutting vehicle body panels, chassis components, and interior parts with precision and efficiency.

Aerospace Sector:

Plasma cutting technology, including CNC plasma tables, is crucial in the aerospace industry for fabricating intricate components, including engine parts, aircraft frames, and structural elements.


Plasma cutting machines, like those compatible with the Crossfire CNC plasma table, are employed in shipyards for cutting and shaping hull plates, bulkheads, and other structural components of ships and marine vessels.


Plasma cutting plays a vital role in the construction industry for fabricating steel structures, beams, columns, and other architectural components.

Metal Recycling:

Plasma cutting machines are used in metal recycling facilities to cut and process scrap metal into manageable sizes for recycling and repurposing.


Various manufacturing sectors, including machinery, equipment, and consumer goods production, utilize plasma cutting for precision cutting of metal components and parts.

Art and Design:

Plasma cutting has found its way into the realm of art and design, where it is used to create intricate metal sculptures, decorative pieces, and custom designs, often inspired by plasma cutter art ideas.

Maintenance and Repair:

Plasma cutting equipment is indispensable for maintenance and repair tasks across industries, allowing for efficient removal and replacement of worn or damaged metal parts.

DIY and Hobbyist Projects:

With the availability of smaller and more affordable plasma cutting machines, hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts are increasingly using plasma cutters for home workshops, metal crafting, and DIY projects. Plasma cutting aluminum and using pilot arc plasma cutters are common techniques explored in such projects.
Overall, the application range of plasma cutting machines, including the hypertherm plasma cutter 45 xp and other models, is vast, covering virtually every sector that involves working with metal materials, from heavy industrial applications to artistic endeavors and home projects. Additionally, accessories such as plasma table fluid and plasma cutting glasses enhance safety and efficiency in plasma cutting operations.