The Gantry Plasma Cutter revolutionizes metal fabrication. It delivers precision and efficiency in cutting diverse metals. With its robust gantry frame, the machine ensures stability. The plasma torch moves precisely along multiple axes. This allows for detailed cuts on different metal types and thicknesses. It’s perfect for industries like manufacturing, construction, and automotive. This machine changes the way professionals cut metal, blending speed with accuracy for modern projects.

gantry plasma cutter

Gantry Plasma Cutter Technical Paramters


1500*6000mm (Accpet customized)

Cutting method



Cutting size


Machine size


Lifting travel


Max travel speed and cutting speed


0-15000 mm/min

Running accuracy 



Height control

Arc pressure THC

Lifting body

Cutting thickness

According to the power supply, 



cutting gas


Oxygen + ethyne(Propane)

Gas pressure 

0.4-0.8Mpa for normal plasma power

Drive system 

Dual drive

Stepper motor 

Stepper motor and driver

X, Y axis

High Quality Rack & Pinion and 18kg linear rail

Auto ignition


Power Voltage

380V    50HZ

Electric parts

Schneider brand

No. of cutting torch and nozzle

1 set of plasma/flame cutting torch, 10 pcs nozzles



Gantry Plasma Cutter

Gantry Plasma Cutter is a high-precision machine designed for cutting through metal with ease. Its robust gantry system ensures accurate and fast cuts, making it ideal for industrial applications. This machine excels in versatility, able to process a variety of metals with unmatched efficiency. The integration of advanced plasma technology enhances cutting speed and quality, offering a superior solution for metal fabrication. With its user-friendly interface, operators can achieve precise cuts with minimal training. The Gantry Plasma Cutter stands out for its reliability and performance, making it a valuable asset for any metalworking operation.

Gantry Plasma Cutter of Features: 

1. The frame, built from carbon steel and annealed, offers high precision and low inertia, while XYZ axis processing prevents deformation.
2. It features a high-precision rack and special reducer for transmission, and uses German-made cables for enhanced accuracy.
3. The machine boasts a USA chip-controlled drive system, double drive, and Panasonic Servo motors, with options for Inovance Servo or precision stepper motors, providing smooth operation at high speeds.
4. An advanced controller with English and Chinese options improves usability, alongside an Automatic THC for better cutting quality.
5. Available in various sizes, including 4m x 12m (with options for 6m, 8m, 10m) and 3m x 12m (also available in 6m, 8m, 10m), to accommodate different needs.

gantry plasma cutter machine
gantry plasma

Gantry Plasma Cutters of Advantage

  1. Precision Cutting: Deliver professional-grade precision on metal cutting tasks.
  2. Fast Operation: Utilize advanced plasma technology for quick cuts.
  3. Sturdy Structure: Ensure accuracy with a durable gantry design.
  4. Versatile Applications: Capable of cutting various metal types effectively.
  5. High-Speed Performance: Maintain quality even at high speeds, thanks to sophisticated drive systems and motors.
  6. Ease of Use: Feature user-friendly controls for simple operation and precise outcomes.
  7. Variety of Sizes: Available in multiple dimensions to accommodate different project requirements.
  8. Enhanced Productivity: Reliable performance that improves efficiency in metal fabrication projects.
gantry plasma kit structure
Flame cutting torch
FL2300A control system

Gantry Plasma Kit Structure

The Gantry Plasma Kit Structure is engineered for precision and durability, offering a robust foundation for plasma cutting. Its design ensures accurate, efficient metal fabrication, catering to diverse project sizes and requirements.

The Flame Cutting Torch

The Flame Cutting Torch is a vital tool for cutting through thick metals with precision. It utilizes a high-temperature flame, combining oxygen and fuel gas to slice through materials efficiently, making it indispensable in industrial metalworking.

FL2300A Control System

The FL2300A control system is a highly advanced, user-friendly interface designed for precision in CNC machinery operations. It enhances cutting accuracy and efficiency, offering seamless integration with various cutting tools for optimal performance

750W servo motor and reducer
Rails and sliders
Pressure reducing valve

750W servo motor and reducer

The 750W servo motor and reducer combo delivers high torque and precise control for machinery, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. This powerful combination is ideal for demanding applications, offering reliability and enhanced performance in automation and robotic systems.

Rails and Sliders

Rails and sliders form the machine’s linear motion system, ensuring smooth, precise movement. This crucial component allows for accurate cuts across various materials, enhancing the cutter’s overall performance and reliability in demanding metal fabrication tasks.

Transverse Guide

The pressure reducing valve in a gantry plasma cutter regulates gas flow, ensuring optimal pressure for precise cutting. This component is essential for maintaining consistent performance and quality in cuts, contributing to the machine’s efficiency and reliability in metalworking applications.

Electromagnetic anti-collision device
Solenoid valve switch
Cable drag chain

Electromagnetic Anti-collision Device

The electromagnetic anti-collision device in gantry plasma cutters protects the cutting head from impacts during operation. It detects obstacles, preventing damage to the machine and workpiece, thus enhancing safety, prolonging equipment life, and ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality cutting performance.

Solenoid Valve Switch

The solenoid valve switch in gantry plasma cutters controls gas flow, enabling precise cuts through metal. This critical component ensures accurate operation and efficient use of gases, contributing to the cutter’s reliability and performance in industrial metal fabrication processes.

Cable Drag Chain

The cable drag chain in gantry plasma cutters organizes and protects cables and hoses during operation. This essential feature prevents tangling and wear, ensuring smooth movement and reliable functionality, which is crucial for maintaining the cutter’s precision and efficiency in demanding environments.

Gantry Plasma Cutters Application

Gantry Plasma Cutters are essential for a wide array of applications, making them a key asset for industries focusing on metal fabrication. Their benefits include:

  1. Wide Material Compatibility: Excellently cuts through steel, aluminum, and copper with unmatched precision, catering to diverse project requirements.
  2. Intricate Design Capability: Empowers users to create complex and custom designs, enhancing the potential for unique metalwork projects.
  3. Enhanced Efficiency: Features high-speed cutting technology, drastically reducing project completion times and boosting productivity.
  4. Critical Manufacturing Tool: A versatile asset in manufacturing, automotive, and shipbuilding industries, improving operational smoothness and output quality.
  5. Automotive Repair Excellence: Essential for precise automotive part fabrication and repair, ensuring accuracy and durability.
  6. Shipbuilding Precision: Delivers the accuracy needed for cutting ship components, contributing to the construction of robust vessels.
  7. Construction Industry Ally: Indispensable for accurately preparing structural components, facilitating smoother construction processes.
  8. Quality and Productivity Boost: By increasing both the quality and speed of metal fabrication tasks, these cutters set new productivity standards across various sectors.

Implementing Gantry Plasma Cutters into your operations can significantly impact your project outcomes, offering a blend of precision, efficiency, and versatility that is hard to match. This makes them a valuable investment for businesses aiming to enhance their capabilities and achieve superior results in metalworking projects.

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Gantry Plasma Cutter

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Gantry Plasma Cutter FAQ

A gantry plasma cutter machine, often referred to as gantry cutting, features a long horizontal bed and a gantry frame structure. This machine allows for the simultaneous use of multiple cutters on the surface, enabling high production efficiency and precise machining. The design of the gantry milling machine significantly enhances both the speed of production and the accuracy of the workpiece.

Typically, a high-quality gantry plasma cutter can remain operational for many years if properly maintained and cared for, whereas a cutter of lesser quality might only function effectively for a few months. Adhering to the maintenance and usage guidelines provided by the manufacturer is crucial to maximizing the lifespan of your gantry plasma cutter.


For cutting through thick metal plates, an industrial-grade gantry plasma cutter is necessary. The Hypertherm MAX200, a gantry plasma cutter, boasts a cutting capability of up to 2-inches (50mm) thickness at a speed of 6 IPM. It delivers a powerful output of 200A (30 kw) at a 100% duty cycle, ensuring it can handle all-day production without interruption.

This issue often suggests that the nozzle is defective, the torch of the gantry plasma cutter is not aligned correctly, or the electrode and nozzle are not properly aligned. Such conditions result in the arc straying from its intended straight path through the material. Consequently, one side of a square part cut by a gantry plasma cutter may exhibit a positive bevel, while the opposite side shows a negative bevel.

Leverage a Gantry Plasma Cutter for Creative and Commercial Success:

1.Craft Decorative Items: Unleash limitless creativity in producing decorative elements with a gantry plasma cutter, attracting a diverse clientele.

2.Design Intricate Jewelry: Elevate jewelry making with the precision of a gantry plasma cutter, appealing to customers seeking unique, finely crafted pieces.

3.Produce Custom Signs: Utilize the gantry plasma cutter to create detailed, bespoke signs for businesses, events, and personal use, enhancing visibility.

4.Collaborate with Construction Firms: Offer your gantry plasma cutter services to small construction businesses, providing them with the accurate cutting services they need.

5.Engage Hobbyists: Open your workshop equipped with a gantry plasma cutter to hobbyists, offering them the tools and space to bring their projects to life.

6.Conclusion: Embracing the capabilities of a gantry plasma cutter can significantly expand your product offerings and service capabilities, from artistic endeavors to practical applications, making it a valuable investment for those aiming to grow their business and cater to a wider market.

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