A portable plasma cutter is a compact, lightweight, and versatile tool designed for cutting through various types of metal, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and more. This device utilizes a high-velocity jet of ionized gas, known as plasma, to melt and expel material from the cut, achieving precise and clean cuts with minimal effort. Its portability allows users to easily transport it to different job sites, making it ideal for both professional and DIY projects. Whether for industrial fabrication, automotive repairs, or artistic metalwork, the portable plasma cutter offers efficiency and accuracy, transforming metal cutting into a simpler, faster, and more effective process.

portable plasma cutter














Accept OEM

Power source

AC 220/380±10%VAC 50/60Hz

Cutting mode

O2/C3H8 or C2H2

Effective cutting range(mm)






Input Voltage

220V, 50HZ

Cutting speed(mm/min)


Cutting thickness(Flame)

6-200 mm (O2/C3H8 or C2H2)

Cutting thickness(Plasma)

1-35mm, According to plasma power source

Move precision


Plasma THC


Cutting system

Shanghai Fangling F2100B control system

Host weight(kg)


Gas pressure(Mpa)


Oxygen pressure(Mpa)


Type of gas

C3H8 C2H2

Emergency stop


Working temperature




Plasma power

IGBT Plasma sources; 63A–200A


Untouched arc striking

Processing Materials

Iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper sheets; aluminum sheets, galvanized sheets, Titanium plates and other kinds metal

Portable Plasma Cutter

The portable plasma cutter is a compact and efficient metal cutting tool that uses the high temperature of a plasma arc to melt and cut metal. It is suitable for a variety of metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and copper, and is especially ideal for use across multiple job sites or situations requiring mobility. The design of this equipment not only makes it easy to operate but also easy to carry, enabling rapid and precise cutting tasks, significantly enhancing work efficiency. Due to its excellent applicability and portability, the portable plasma cutter has become an indispensable tool in fields such as metal processing, repair work, and artistic creation.

Portable Plasma Cutter of Features: 

High Efficiency & Precision
The portable plasma cutter stands out for its ability to swiftly and accurately cut through various metal types, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and copper. Its high-speed cutting capability not only saves time but also ensures precise cuts, making it ideal for detailed metalworking projects.

Compact and Lightweight Design
Designed with mobility in mind, this cutting tool is compact and lightweight. It is engineered for ease of transport and flexibility, allowing users to easily move it between job sites or within different areas of a workshop, enhancing its appeal for on-site work and mobile operations.

Versatility in Metal Cutting
Capable of handling a wide range of metal thicknesses and types, the portable plasma cutter is a versatile tool for various applications. Whether it’s for industrial fabrication, automotive repairs, or artistic metal crafting, this cutter meets the diverse needs of professionals and hobbyists alike.

User-Friendly Operation
Ease of use is a key feature of the portable plasma cutter. With straightforward controls and minimal setup time, it is accessible to users of all skill levels. This user-friendly design encourages wider adoption and facilitates a smoother cutting process.

Beyond its cutting capabilities, the portable plasma cutter is also cost-effective. It offers a low operating cost solution compared to traditional cutting methods, making it a valuable investment for businesses and individuals looking to optimize their metal cutting operations without compromising quality.

Safety Features
Safety is paramount, and the portable plasma cutter includes features designed to protect the user. With built-in overheat protection, voltage protection, and a torch safety shield, it ensures a safer cutting environment, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents.

Portable plasma cutter
Portable plasma cutter

Portable Plasma Cutters of Features

Powerful Cutting Mechanism
Portable plasma cutters are equipped with a high-efficiency cutting mechanism that enables swift and precise cuts through metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and more. This technology ensures clean cuts with minimal heat input, reducing warping and the need for secondary finishing.

Lightweight & Compact Design
The compact design and lightweight nature of these plasma cutters underscore their portability. Ideal for both workshop and on-site jobs, this design allows for easy transportation and setup, making it a favorite among professionals and hobbyists alike.

Adjustable Cutting Speeds
Featuring adjustable cutting speeds, portable plasma cutters cater to a wide range of materials and thicknesses, offering versatility and control over the cutting process. This flexibility ensures optimal cutting performance across different metal types and thicknesses.

Digital Display and Controls
A user-friendly digital display and intuitive controls make setting up and monitoring the cutting process straightforward, even for beginners. This ease of use enhances the overall efficiency and safety of the cutting operation.

Built-in Compressor Models
Some portable plasma cutters come with a built-in air compressor, eliminating the need for an external air supply. This self-contained system further enhances the portability and convenience of the tool, making it perfect for locations without ready access to compressed air.

Safety Features
Safety is a priority with features like overheat protection, voltage protection, and a torch safety shield. These safety measures ensure a secure working environment, reducing the risk of accidents during operation.

Durable Construction
Durability is key for the demanding environments in which portable plasma cutters are used. With robust construction and high-quality materials, these cutters are designed to withstand heavy use, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Plasma torch height controller
controller system panel
Plasma torch

Plasma Torch Height Controller

Elevate your metal cutting with the Plasma Torch Height Controller (THC), engineered for unparalleled precision. This essential tool automatically maintains optimal torch height, ensuring consistent, high-quality cuts. Ideal for CNC systems, it boosts efficiency and extends consumable life, making it a key investment for professionals in manufacturing, automotive, and construction sectors.

Controller System Panel

Discover the power of precision with our Portable Plasma Cutter’s Controller System Panel. Designed for ease of use and efficiency, this controller system enhances cutting accuracy and speed. Its intuitive interface makes it perfect for professionals in the manufacturing, automotive, and construction industries, streamlining operations and boosting productivity in any setting.

Plasma Torch

Unlock unmatched cutting precision with our Plasma Cutter’s Plasma Torch, the heart of high-performance metal fabrication. Engineered for reliability and accuracy, this torch ensures smooth, clean cuts across various metals. Ideal for the manufacturing, automotive, and construction industries, it’s a pivotal tool for achieving superior cutting results and operational efficiency.

longitudinal guide
Power source
transverse guide

Longitudinal Guide

Maximize your cutting precision with the Longitudinal Guide for our Portable Plasma Cutter. This essential accessory ensures straight, accurate cuts every time, enhancing your productivity and work quality. Perfect for professionals in manufacturing, construction, and automotive industries, it’s a game-changer for achieving unparalleled cutting efficiency and consistency.

Power Source

Elevate your cutting capabilities with the Power Source for our Portable Plasma Cutter. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, this power source delivers consistent, high-performance cutting across various metals. Ideal for professionals in manufacturing, automotive, and construction, it guarantees precision and speed, making it an indispensable tool for top-tier metal fabrication.

Transverse Guide

Achieve flawless precision with the Transverse Guide for our Portable Plasma Cutter. This innovative guide enhances your ability to make accurate, perpendicular cuts, streamlining your fabrication process. Ideal for the manufacturing, construction, and automotive sectors, it’s a vital tool for professionals seeking to boost efficiency and achieve superior cutting accuracy.

Portable Plasma Cutters Application

  1. Metal Art Creation: Artists utilize portable plasma cutters to produce intricate designs and sculptures, enabling detailed work on metal surfaces for unique artwork.

  2. Custom Signage: Businesses and individuals often use these cutters for creating custom metal signs, offering precision cuts for intricate designs and lettering.

  3. Automotive Repairs: Mechanics rely on portable plasma cutters for cutting through metal parts during vehicle repairs, modifications, or restorations, facilitating quick and precise work.

  4. Construction Projects: In construction, these cutters are essential for cutting metal beams, pipes, and sheets, allowing for rapid assembly and adjustments on-site.

  5. Fabrication of Metal Parts: Portable plasma cutters are crucial in manufacturing for cutting precise components from various metals, supporting custom fabrication and mass production.

  6. DIY Projects: For hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts, these cutters open up possibilities for home projects, repairs, and crafts, allowing for professional-grade metal cutting at home.

Portable plasmac cutter samples

Portable Plasma Cutter

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Table Plasma Cutter FAQ

Portable plasma cutters require gas, such as compressed air or nitrogen, to create a plasma state for cutting. The choice of gas affects cutting efficiency and quality, making it crucial for achieving optimal performance in metal fabrication tasks across various industries.

Portable plasma cutters are widely used in metal fabrication, automotive repairs, and construction for precise cutting of metal parts. They’re also favored by artists for creating intricate metal sculptures and designs. Their portability allows for on-site work, making them ideal for cutting steel, aluminum, and other conductive metals.

With a plasma cutter, you can create intricate metal artworks, custom signs, automotive parts, and structural components for construction. It’s ideal for crafting decorative panels, garden sculptures, metal furniture, and unique jewelry. Its precision allows for detailed cutouts and shapes, opening up limitless possibilities for both practical and artistic metal-based projects.

Portable plasma cutters are utilized for precise cutting of metal in various settings, including onsite construction, automotive repairs, and custom metalwork. They enable efficient, clean cuts through steel, aluminum, and other metals, making them invaluable for creating intricate designs, fabricating metal parts, and conducting field repairs or installations.

Determining the best portable plasma cutter for its price involves considering factors like cutting capability, durability, and ease of use. Models from reputable brands like Hypertherm, Miller, and Hobart often receive high marks for their balance of performance and cost. The Hypertherm Powermax series, for instance, is widely praised for its reliability and precision.

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