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Plasma Cutting Machine with Hypertherm 125A Power Source

Hypertherm plasma cutter 125 xp In the realm of metal fabrication, precision and efficiency are paramount. The Hypertherm Plasma Cutter 125 XP stands as a pinnacle of cutting-edge technology in this field, offering a myriad of features that cater to the diverse needs of metalworkers. Let’s delve into the distinctive characteristics of this remarkable plasma cutter.

The Hypertherm Plasma Cutter 125 XP

Stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the metal fabrication industry. With its exceptional cutting performance, advanced power source, intelligent control system, energy-efficient operation, and robust design, it surpasses expectations and emerges as the preferred choice for metalworkers seeking superior cutting solutions.


Hypertherm plasma cutter 125 xp Plasma cutting table of Features: 

Exceptional Cutting Precision:

The Plasma Cutter 1255 XP is renowned for its precise cutting capabilities. Whether working with thin sheets or thick metal plates, it delivers clean, accurate cuts with minimal distortion. This precision makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring intricate shapes and tight tolerances.

High Cutting Speed:

Efficiency is a hallmark of the Plasma Cutter 125 XP. With its high cutting speed, it can swiftly process metal materials, reducing production time and increasing overall productivity. This rapid cutting capability ensures that projects are completed in a timely manner, helping businesses meet deadlines and stay competitive.

Versatility Across Materials:

This plasma cutter is versatile and can cut through a wide range of materials commonly used in metal fabrication, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. Its ability to handle various metals makes it a versatile tool suitable for diverse applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and construction.

Advanced Torch Technology:

Equipped with state-of-the-art torch technology, the Plasma Cutter 125 XP ensures consistent performance and reliability. The torch is designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh working environments, ensuring long-lasting durability and minimal downtime. Additionally, advanced features such as automatic torch height control optimize cutting quality and efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface:

Despite its advanced capabilities, the Plasma Cutter 125 XP features a user-friendly interface that simplifies operation for operators of all skill levels. Intuitive controls and clear indicators make it easy to set parameters and monitor cutting processes, allowing users to focus on achieving optimal results without unnecessary complexity.

Robust Construction:

Built to withstand the demands of industrial environments, the Plasma Cutter 125 XP features a rugged construction that ensures durability and longevity. Its sturdy frame and high-quality components withstand the rigors of daily use, providing reliable performance even in the most challenging conditions.

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Plasma Cutting Machine with Hypertherm 125A Power Source: A Comprehensive Overview of Main Configuration


Plasma cutting systems integrating the Hypertherm 125A power source epitomize a significant leap forward in metalworking technology. Mastering the primary setup of these systems is crucial for maximizing their operational efficacy. This article offers an exhaustive exploration of the central components and configuration of a plasma cutting system featuring the Hypertherm 125A power supply.

Power Generation:

Central to the plasma cutting system lies the Hypertherm 125A power supply, a cutting-edge source of stable and dependable energy output. This sophisticated power generator fuels the creation of the plasma arc essential for precise metal cutting across diverse materials and thicknesses. Renowned for its efficiency and accuracy, the Hypertherm 125A power supply ensures consistent cutting performance.

Plasma Torch:

 Serving as the conduit for plasma arc generation and direction onto the workpiece, the plasma torch is a pivotal component. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology from Hypertherm, the plasma torch guarantees meticulous and exact cuts. Its robust construction and advanced functionalities, such as automated torch height control, elevate cutting precision and efficiency.

Computerized Control:

Steering the operations of the plasma cutting system is a CNC controller, the central intelligence unit of the setup. This controller deciphers operator-input cutting programs with precision, orchestrating the synchronized movements of the plasma torch and cutting table. Laden with advanced capabilities like nesting and kerf compensation, it enables optimal cutting outcomes and productivity.

Cutting Platform:

The foundation for secure workpiece positioning during cutting procedures is the cutting table. Crafted from sturdy materials like steel, the table features a slotted surface facilitating efficient debris removal and material handling. Augmented with automation capabilities, such as automatic material handling systems, it enhances overall productivity.

Gas Management System:

Integral to plasma cutting operations is the administration of assist gases, like compressed air or nitrogen, to refine cutting precision and quality. Employing a sophisticated gas management system, the plasma cutting setup meticulously regulates gas flow and composition to achieve superior cutting results. Ensuring consistent gas pressure and purity, this system optimizes cutting efficacy.


Plasma cutting systems integrating the Hypertherm 125A power supply offer a comprehensive setup tailored to deliver unparalleled cutting performance and operational efficiency. Leveraging advanced components including the Hypertherm power supply, plasma torch, CNC controller, cutting table, and gas management system, these systems empower metalworkers to achieve precise and reliable cuts across diverse applications and materials.
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CNC Plasma Cutting System

The CNC system, designed for flame/plasma cutting machines, excels in metal processing industries. It features robust reliability, resisting plasma interference, lightning, and surges. Offering practical cutting processes, automatic controls, and wireless operation, it also includes slit compensation and program checks, providing user reports for optimized operation.

CNC Plasma Torch Height Control

The CNC plasma cutting machine features a starting positioning function, ensuring millimeter-precise torch height post-contact with the workpiece. An automatic arc pressure function, via an arc pressure sensor, maintains constant torch height throughout cutting, guaranteeing high-quality cuts even on uneven workpieces.

Plasma Cutter Guide Rail

Precision machining of high-resolution rack and pinion involves fine cutting and grinding to ensure quality. The double-drive gantry system enhances acceleration and deceleration. High precision linear guide rails are used, guaranteeing machine tool accuracy. This process optimizes performance and reliability in industrial applications.

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CNC Plasma Cutting System

The CNC system, designed for flame/plasma cutting machines, excels in metal processing industries. It features robust reliability, resisting plasma interference, lightning, and surges. Offering practical cutting processes, automatic controls, and wireless operation, it also includes slit compensation and program checks, providing user reports for optimized operation.

CNC Plasma Torch

The Hypertherm Powermax 45 plasma torch excels with superior cutting performance and reliability. Its user-friendly design and long consumable life ensure efficiency in metal fabrication. Trusted by professionals, it delivers precise cuts and consistent results, making it an indispensable tool in the industry.

Hypertherm Powermax 125

The Hypertherm Powermax 125 is renowned for its exceptional cutting capabilities and reliability in metalworking tasks. It is the preferred choice for various applications, delivering consistent and high-quality results, making it indispensable for professionals seeking efficiency and precision.

Machine tool cable
CNC Controller

Machine Tool Cable

Cable chains protect and organize wires, minimizing wear and enhancing machine longevity. They prevent entanglement, enable easy access for maintenance, and shield against environmental damage. Their orderly design streamlines cable management, contributing to safer, more efficient machinery operation and reduced operational costs through prolonged cable life.

The Part of Electrical Equipment

Controller boxes centralize machine operations, offering a user-friendly interface for monitoring and management. They safeguard sensitive electronics from environmental hazards and unauthorized access. Efficient design simplifies installation and maintenance, while enhancing system reliability, operational efficiency, and safety, leading to reduced downtime and increased productivity.


FastCAM software streamlines CNC programming for cutting, optimizing material use and reducing waste. It boosts productivity with rapid nesting and easy-to-use interfaces. Its precision programming enhances cutting quality, speed, and efficiency, leading to lower production costs and improved workflow in manufacturing environments.

Hypertherm Plasma Cutter 125 xp

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Hypertherm Plasma Cutter 125 xp FAQ

CapacityThicknessCut speed
Recommended38 mm (1-1/2″)457 mm/min (18 ipm)
 44 mm (1-3/4″)250 mm/min (10 ipm)
Severance (hand cutting)57 mm (2-1/4″)125 mm/min (5 ipm)

Plasma cutters excel in their ability to slice through a wide array of materials with ease. Unlike traditional methods that require a variety of saws or shears for cutting different metal forms such as plates, tubes, angles, beams, or gratings, a plasma cutter offers a versatile solution, capable of handling all these forms efficiently and effectively.

Potential reasons for issues commonly encountered may involve: depleted or damaged consumables, excessive cutting speed, and incorrect positioning of the torch.

Here are some prevalent errors in CNC plasma cutting and strategies to prevent them:
1. Avoid continuing to use consumables until they wear out completely.
2. Ensure cutting speeds are neither too rapid nor too sluggish.
3. Verify the correct assembly of the CNC plasma torch.
4. Avoid piercing materials at an excessively low height.
5. Maintain appropriate levels of gas and coolant flow to ensure optimal performance.

In achieving the most precise cut angles, it’s observed that the optimal orientation is towards the right side, relative to the torch’s forward movement. Typically, the plasma arc rotates in a clockwise direction when utilizing standard consumables. In terms of contouring, when the torch moves clockwise, the preferable side of the cut aligns to the right of the torch’s forward trajectory.

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