Plasma Cutter Gun 

The cutting torch is an essential component of a plasma cutting machine, used to generate a plasma arc and cut metal.


The torch handle is usually made of insulating material to prevent electric shock to the operator. It often features a trigger or switch for controlling the start and stop of the plasma cutting process.

Torch Cable

The torch cable is the wire that connects the torch to the plasma cutting power source. It possesses good conductivity and abrasion resistance to ensure stable current transmission.

Torch Trigger

The torch trigger is a component located at the end of the torch handle used to initiate the plasma cutting process. When the operator presses the trigger on the torch handle, the torch trigger activates the plasma cutting process.
The cutting torch generates a high-temperature plasma arc between the cutting nozzle and conducting nozzle, heating the metal material to a molten state for cutting. Its design and quality are crucial for the stability, efficiency, and quality of the cutting process.
plasma cutting machine gun parts

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plasma cutting machine gun parts

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Plasma Cutting Machine Gun Parts

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