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The 4×8 plasma table offers a sturdy and efficient solution for precise metal cutting. Engineered with advanced motion systems, it ensures faster and cleaner cuts, accommodating steel plates up to 1.5 inches thick.

Reliable Performance and Durability

Each component of the plasma table is carefully selected for reliability and durability, promising exceptional performance. Its robust construction and advanced features guarantee consistent and accurate cutting results.

Comprehensive Lifetime Support

Backed by comprehensive lifetime support, the plasma cutting table ensures peace of mind and trouble-free operation for years to come. Our dedicated team is committed to providing assistance and guidance whenever needed.

Unmatched Value at an Affordable Price

Featuring a range of impressive features, the 4×8 plasma cutting table delivers unmatched value at an affordable price point. Experience enhanced productivity and superior cutting results, meeting the demands of modern fabrication projects.


4×8 Plasma Table Technical Paramters






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Cutting speed


Cutting Table

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4×8 Plasma Table of Features: 

1. Incorporating an automatic high arc pressure adjustment mechanism, our system dynamically adapts the cutting head to minor plate shape variations during processing, preventing potential damage.
2. Utilizing a collision-prevention device, we safeguard the cutting head from damage in the event of sudden power loss, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
3. Employing precision fine grinding techniques, we meticulously refine all contact surfaces to facilitate seamless jointing.
4. As an added bonus, each machine comes equipped with a complimentary set of FASTCAM software, optimizing material usage and enhancing efficiency.


4×8 Plasma Table of Advantage

1.Superior Performance: Our plasma table boasts a precise motion system, delivering faster and cleaner cuts on various materials.

2. Heavy-Duty Build: Engineered to support up to a 1.5” steel plate, our sturdy construction ensures durability and reliability.

3.Automated Arc Pressure Adjustment: Experience seamless processing with automatic arc pressure adjustment, adapting to plate shape changes to prevent cutting head damage.

4.Collision Prevention: Safeguarding against sudden power loss, our collision-prevention device protects the cutting head from damage.

5.Precision Engineering: Each component undergoes fine grinding processing, ensuring optimal jointing and seamless operation.

6.Complimentary FASTCAM Software: Maximize material usage and efficiency with our included FASTCAM software, saving you time and resources

Controller with THC
Plasma torch head
hypertherm 105 plasma cutter Source

Controller With THC

Experience precision cutting with our 4×8 plasma table controller featuring THC (Torch Height Control). Achieve consistent cuts, even on uneven surfaces, as the THC adjusts the torch height automatically. Maximize efficiency and quality in your projects with this advanced controller.

Plasma Torch Head

The plasma cutting machine’s cutting torch is a vital component, utilizing arc discharge to create plasma that melts metal swiftly. It comprises elements like nozzles, electrodes, and cooling systems, working with the control system for precise metal cutting.

Hypertherm 105 Plasma Cutter Source

The Hypertherm Powermax 105 Plasma Cutter stands out as a reliable source for precise metal cutting. Renowned for its efficiency and versatility, it’s a top choice in metal fabrication for its advanced technology and durability.

4×8 Plasma Table Application

This machinery finds extensive applications in cutting various types of metal plates and tube plates, including stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and more. It is widely utilized in industries such as metal processing, electrical switch cabinet manufacturing, automotive production, aerospace, and others.

What Is Plasma Cutting?

4×8 Plasma Table 

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Gantry Plasma Cutter FAQ

CNC plasma tables find extensive application across various industries like manufacturing, agriculture, engineering, and construction, revolutionizing metal cutting processes. Whether you’re a small shop, a metal artist, or a hobbyist, investing in a CNC plasma table can transform your metal cutting operations, leading to significant time, material, and cost savings. Experience enhanced efficiency and precision cutting capabilities with the versatile CNC plasma table, tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern metalworking applications.

Air plasma systems require only two essential inputs for metal cutting: air and electricity. Typically, these machines operate efficiently with an air supply of approximately 100 PSI. Ensuring the air supplied to the plasma cutter is clean and dry is vital for maintaining cut quality.

Cutting bulletproof glass poses distinctive hurdles. Conventional cutting techniques frequently prove inadequate, risking damage to the material or compromising precision. Heat-driven methods like laser or plasma cutting may induce the separation of layers or glass cracking due to thermal strain.

Is gas a necessity for plasma cutting?
A guide to gas selection for plasma cutting aluminum, mild/stainless…
Absolutely. Every plasma cutting system, including air plasma cutters, relies on gas. Many fabricators opt for plasma systems offering “dual-gas” or “multi-gas” capabilities, allowing for the use of various plasma and shield gases to suit different applications.

Indeed, gas is an essential component in all plasma cutting systems, including air plasma cutters. Beyond relying on a single gas type, numerous fabricators opt for plasma systems equipped with “dual-gas” or “multi-gas” capabilities. This feature allows for the utilization of a diverse range of plasma and shield gases to accommodate various cutting applications.

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