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Squared Plasma Table, Before delving into the intricacies of plasma cutting for pipes and tubes, it’s crucial to recognize the importance of consultation. Selecting the right plasma cutter involves understanding the specific requirements of the project, including material thickness, cutting precision, production volume, and budget constraints. Consulting with experts in the field helps identify the optimal plasma cutting solution tailored to these needs. Click here

Squared Plasma Table In conclusion, plasma cutting technology has emerged as a cornerstone of modern pipe and tube fabrication processes, offering unparalleled precision, efficiency, and versatility. From straight cuts to complex shapes, plasma cutters empower industries to meet the demands of increasingly intricate and demanding projects. Through effective consultation and the selection of the right equipment, businesses can leverage the full potential of plasma cutting technology to drive innovation and achieve excellence in pipe and tube fabrication.

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Squared Plasma Table Technical Parameters



CNC Plasma Cutting Machine-6000


Working length

6000mm (Can be customized)


Pipe max profile

200mm diameter (Can be customized)


Processing Material

Square/ Circular/Rectangular pipe


Cutting method



Max travel speed



Cutting speed

0-10000 mm/min


Running accuracy



Cutting thickness

According to the power supply( 0-200mm)


Cutting gas



Gas pressure

0.4-0.8Mpa for normal plasma power


Drive system

Dual drive


Motor and driver

Leashine 758 servo motor


X, Y axis

High Quality Rack & Pinion and Taiwan linear rail


Power Supply

LGK or Hypertherm(any other brand also is ok)



Machine: single phase 220v 50hz/60hz


Arc type

Untouched Type



FangLing torch height controller


Working Materials

Stainless steel/Iron, Aluminum, Galvanized , Titanium

1. This machine is used for metal square&round tube cutting. Good man-machine control panel makes operation more convenient and simple, can cut kinds of complex shapes’ metal sheet.
2. The liner rails are imported with high precision, good guide. Rack gear is manufactured by professional factory. Its surface is carbonizing and quenching.
3. LCD operate panel can prompt kinds of operating ways, so operator can operate it easily after simple training.
4. Driving system is servo or stepper drive, you can choose China LEADSHINE , Japan Panasonic /YASKAWA servo motor or stepper motor to make sure whole machine can run with smoothly in a wider speed range, short acceleration time
5. Torch height controller can adjust the best cutting distance automatically, to confirm working piece high precision cutting.

Squared Plasma Table Advantage

  • Speed and Efficiency: Its high power output allows the 100 Amp plasma cutter to complete cutting tasks at a faster rate, enhancing production efficiency.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various types of metal materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, etc., it has a wide range of applications.
  • Accuracy: Advanced control systems ensure precision during the cutting process, enabling the cutter to handle complex cutting requirements.
  • Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness: The high efficiency ratio and precise control system reduce energy consumption during the cutting process, minimizing environmental impact.
Controller with THC
Plasma torch head
hypertherm 105 plasma cutter Source

Controller With THC

Experience precision cutting with our 4×8 plasma table controller featuring THC (Torch Height Control). Achieve consistent cuts, even on uneven surfaces, as the THC adjusts the torch height automatically. Maximize efficiency and quality in your projects with this advanced controller.

Plasma Torch Head

The plasma cutting machine’s cutting torch is a vital component, utilizing arc discharge to create plasma that melts metal swiftly. It comprises elements like nozzles, electrodes, and cooling systems, working with the control system for precise metal cutting.

Hypertherm 125 Plasma Cutter Source

The Hypertherm Powermax 125 Plasma Cutter stands out as a reliable source for precise metal cutting. Renowned for its efficiency and versatility, it’s a top choice in metal fabrication for its advanced technology and durability.

Squared Plasma Table Application

Applies in cars, motorcycles, pressure vessels,chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, engineering machinery,steel structure, shipbuilding and other industries

Working material:Stainless steel/Iron sheets, Aluminum sheets, Galvanized sheets, Titanium

tube metal samples

Squared Plasma Table

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Squared Plasma Table FAQ

CNC plasma tables find extensive application across various industries like manufacturing, agriculture, engineering, and construction, revolutionizing metal cutting processes. Whether you’re a small shop, a metal artist, or a hobbyist, investing in a CNC plasma table can transform your metal cutting operations, leading to significant time, material, and cost savings. Experience enhanced efficiency and precision cutting capabilities with the versatile CNC plasma table, tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern metalworking applications.

Air plasma systems require only two essential inputs for metal cutting: air and electricity. Typically, these machines operate efficiently with an air supply of approximately 100 PSI. Ensuring the air supplied to the plasma cutter is clean and dry is vital for maintaining cut quality.

Industrial CNC plasma tables enable the production of diverse items such as signs, yard decorations, outdoor furnishings, gates, indoor embellishments, wall art, logos, fire features, ornamental panels, and sculptures.

Advantages of incorporating a water table into CNC plasma operations include: Enhanced smoke control (often lowering emissions by 90-95%) Minimized distortion of plates (water aids in material cooling) Lower initial investment (eliminating expenses for fans, filters, and power consumption)

Plasma cutting proves efficient for both thin and thick materials. Portable torches typically handle steel plates up to 38 mm (1.5 in) thick, while advanced computerized torches can slice through steel up to 150 mm (6 in) thick.

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